Submission Guidelines


Please send to all of the following:

– low resolution JPEGs (1400 pixels on the widest side and 72 dpi).
 dimensions, medium and materials used for each piece you wish to exhibit
– a short
artist statement (hint: say it in your own words … )
– a brief summary about yourself /

Window to Eden has a 1.9×2.0 meter (HxW) window space at St. Monica’s CCIC in Edenmore, and a pannelled window of 2.3×2.7 meters (HxW) at Raheny Library in Dublin 5. As work is showcased in the window facing the street, all art work is hung from the top. Please consider these window dimensions prior to submission, printing, framing etc. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Submission and exhibition space are free.

Anyone may submit an original piece of work to be considered for exhibition, provided he or she owns the copyright to the work.

All work will be credited to the artist, and copyright to the work remains with the artist. Window to Eden may use images of your work to promote it’s exhibitions and projects.

Artwork is exhibited at the owners’ expense and risk. St Monica’s CCIC and Raheny Library offer their window space free of charge to Window of Eden project and the community. Neither venue nor the organisers of Window to Eden take responsibilities for loss or damage to the art work.

By submitting to Window to Eden, you accept these very simple terms.

Window Sizes:

Raheny Library

Raheny Library Window Template

St. Monica’s CCIC:

St Monica Window Template


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