Window to Eden has a 2 meter window space at St. Monica’s CCIC in Edenmore, and 2.3×2.7 meters at Raheny Library in Dublin 5. Providing visual artists with a space to show their work connected to the area, it offers the Edenmore/Raheny communities unique access to local art and opens up dialogue.

St. Monica's CCIC in Edenmore

St. Monica’s CCIC in Edenmore

Window to Eden runs monthly exhibitions.
Window to Eden is not a gallery and has no opening hours.
Window to Eden can be visited at all times and can be seen from the road.

We encourage individual artists, local art clubs, schools, youth clubs etc to submit their work – photography, painting, writing, collage, crochet, illustration – whatever your art may be – make the window your space. From all submissions received one or two selections are made each month to be shown in one of our windows.

If interested in showcasing your work connected to Edenmore / Raheny, the wider Dublin Northside or Eden for that matter, please contact us with your idea/proposal at windowtoeden@gmail.com

Window to Eden is curated by Karen Tierney, Rose Fortune and Cindy Morrissey.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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