Gilded Curtain | Claire McCluskey


Window to Eden and St. Monica’s Community Info Centre in Edenmore are delighted to have visual artist Claire McCluskey on show from December 3rd onwards.

Her work titled ‘Gilded Curtain’ 2015 is a drawing / installation work, with gold leaf on fabric. It features a plus-symbol (+) motif repeated in a pattern to build up a circular form. Originally created for and exhibited in De Appendix, a unique exhibition space living in a Blackrock Family Medical Practice, the ‘Gilded Curtain’ created a soothing focus for reflection and meditation for patients in the GP waiting room. It directly integrated within the context of the clinic, advocating the importance of care within the community.

This new showcase of the ‘Gilded Curtain’ at Window to Eden carries forth the ideal of artwork living and resonating directly within community spaces. As a universal motif, + is a symbol that carries many interpretations: addition, connection, accumulation, positivity, even spirituality.
Set in St. Monica’s Community Council Information Centre, the ‘Gilded Curtain’ faces outwards into the street, providing an altered sense of place to passersby as its golden (+) pattern catches the December morning sun.

Claire McCluskey is a DIT graduate and has been shortlisted for the Talbot Gallery & Studios’ Most Promising Graduate Award in 2012. Her work has been exhibited in various solo and group shows around Ireland and New York.

Visit her website for more information and her extensive portfolio.

Location: St. Monica’s Communiy Council Info Centre, Edenmore Park, Raheny, D5.


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