Chew | Holly Draper at Raheny Library

Sweet Potatoes Makes You Tired’, ‘Sushi Baby’, ‘Scrapings’, ‘I Won’t Be Long’ – these are the titles of some of the paintings featuring in our next Window to Eden show at Raheny Library. Native Floridian and Burren College MFA graduate Holly Draper fuses food and art in her current work.

Nikkita Morgan at St. Monica's CCIC | Holly Draper at Raheny Library

Holly Draper at Raheny Library

In her paintings, memory and food are fused to form fleshy, psychological objects. These forms are neither food nor figure; they are grounded but nonsensical, beautiful yet grotesque. They constantly shift and change as she is guided by the process painting. The work investigates the psychology behind emotional eating. Holly uses abstraction alongside suggestive titles to engage the viewer in a search for meaning.

Saturday. November 14th. Visit Window to Eden @ Raheny Library.

If you’re interested in Holly’s work you can find her website here or you can drop us a note to windowtoeden at gmail dot com. All inquires will be passed to the artist, no commissions taken.



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