Embroidered Landscapes | Nikkita Morgan

Storytelling through embroidery, memories captured in needlework, histories told in tapestries – Nikkita Morgan follows one of the oldest art forms of humanity. In skillful embroidery and acetate prints, her large scale mixed media works reflect on the Troubles, in intricate detail.

Confronting an ongoing reality in the North of Ireland, Nikkita Morgan is now featuring for Window to Eden at St. Monica’s Community Info Centre in Edenmore, D5.


Nikkita’s main area of interest is mixed media textile art & design employing a range of materials and processes to produce unique contemporary artworks, mainly using embroidery, paper, steel, acetate, fabric and digital projections. Her work is a response to political issues, specifically referring to the continuing conflict in the North of Ireland. It focuses on the historic, religious, political and contemporary outlook of the struggle, which is viewed from her personal perspective.

Original photographs from past and present conflict inspire and influence her imagery, and are worked into drawing, stitching, mono-prints, painting stencils. Text is influenced from data, dates, information on the troubles. Imagery and text are key elements used within this work to represent different aspects of the conflict, referencing key historic/contemporary events, slogans, words and images relating to the story told.

Nikkita received her MA in Textile Design from Norwich University of the Arts and has been widely exhibited across the UK.

Thursday. November 12th. Visit Window to Eden @ St. Monica’s in Edenmore.

If you’re interested in Nikkita’s work visit her website here and her blog here. You may also drop us a note to windowtoeden at gmail dot com. All inquires will be passed to her directly, no commissions taken.


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